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The Portuguese Journal of Communication History (Revista Portuguesa de História da Comunicação) is an online publication issued by the History of Communication Task Force from the Portuguese Association of Communication Sciences (SOPCOM Associação Portuguesa de Ciências da Comunicação []), dedicated to publishing research studies in this area of knowledge, by postdoctoral researchers or by research teams with at least one author holding a PhD degree.


Submitting your manuscript

1. The Revista Portuguesa de História da Comunicação (Portuguese Journal of CommunicationHistory) publishes articles in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

2. Manuscripts must be signed by the author(s) and indicate affiliation institution and respective email.

3. Manuscripts that are not in English should include title in English.

4. Manuscripts should be between 35,000-40,000 characters excluding abstract.

5. The article should begin with an abstract in the language of the article of about 400-500 words and an abstract  in English.

6. Contributions should be submitted to:


The following guidelines are designed to help you submit suitable articles to the Revista Portuguesa de História da Comunicação(Portuguese Journal of Communication History)

Document Type - Microsoft Word

Font - Verdana (entire text)

Font Size - 10 (entire text)

Spacing - 1.5 (entire text)

Margins - 2cm (all margins)

Body text - justified (excluding illustrations, but including title, authors, abstract and keywords)

Paragraphs - no spacing between paragraphs

Page numbering - no page numbering

Header - no header

Footer - may include footnotes if indispensable


Mandatory Elements (in order of appearance)

Title [in bold]

Title in English (if the article is not entirely in English) [in bold]

First author’s name (& affiliation)

First author’s email

Second author's name (& affiliation)

Second author’s email

[Remaining authors]

Abstract in the language of the article (if not in English), about 400-500 words long

Abstract inEnglish

Five keywords in the language of the article (if not in English)

Five keywords in English

Body text

Bibliographical references (list)



Size: 35 to 40 thousand characters, including references, excluding abstract.

Maximum document size: 2 Mb

Sub-headings: in bold, no numbering

Illustrations: centered

Illustrations captions: centered, below illustration.

Notes: end notes are not allowed; footnotes may be used if indispensable.

References: please ensure you use the Harvard (name, year: page) system for references in the text (e.g.: Pinto, 1998: 238).


References in the reference list


Books: LAST NAME, Name (year): Title, Location, Publisher.


REBELO, José (2000): O discurso do jornal – o como e o porquê, Lisboa, Notícias Editorial.

Chapters:LAST NAME, Name (year): Chapter title. In: LAST NAME, Name, ed. Title, Location, Publisher: XX-YY [first page and last page].


LIMA, Helena e SOUSA, Jorge Pedro (2015): A Ilustração Portuguesa e a cobertura da Primeira Guerra Mundial (1914-1918): Imagens de guerra em contextos de censura e propaganda. In: PEREIRA, Gaspar Martins; ALVES, Jorge Fernandes; ALVES, Luís Alberto e MEIRELES, Maria da Conceição, eds.: A Grande Guerra (1914-1918): Problemáticas e representações, Porto, CITEM: 283-298.

Articles: LAST NAME, Name (year): Article title. Journal title, Vol. x, n.º y: XX-YY [first page and last page].


SOUSA, Jorge Pedro (2014): Informação e propaganda no primeiro periódico português – a Gazeta “da Restauração” (1641-1647).Pauta Geral – Estudos em Jornalismo, 2ª série, vol. 1, n.º 1: 62-79. 

Online texts (unless it is a book, chapter or article, in which case it should be referenced as per the previous examples): LAST NAME, Name (year): "Title". http: //www.nameofsite.xx (day/month/year of access).  


SOUSA, Jorge Pedro (2015): "A Gazeta “da Restauração” no contexto jornalístico da primeira metade do século XVII". (17/12/2015).